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Air Conditioning Services

Need your air con fixed? Or do you want a new air conditioning system installed before summer? Our team can help you.

Every Aussie home needs air con in summer, and the bonus is that some of the air-con systems on offer can help you warm up your house in winter too. 

Deciding what type of system you need in your home can be overwhelming because there are so many options on the market. Don’t stress yourself out trying to find the best solution. Give our team a call and we can have a chat with you to understand your requirements and come up with a solution that suits you and your budget. 

We have assisted hundreds of homes in Perth’s Northern Suburbs with installing and servicing their air conditioning units. We’ve got years of experience so we put together a list of FAQs to help you understand the options available:

What options are available to cool my house?

Depending on the size of the room/house you’re trying to cool, you may want to consider: 

  • Evaporative cooling
  • split systems or
  • reverse cycle or ducted

What is the easiest air conditioning system to install?

The easiest air conditioning system to install is usually a split system. They have two units, one of which is installed inside and the other outside (hence the name ‘split’). They can be set up pretty quickly and without the need for structural changes to your home. You can use them to cool and warm specific areas of your home, they have relatively low energy costs and you can operate them by remote.

Where can I buy a split system?

There are a variety of split systems available on the market, you might recognise some of the common brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin or Samsung. There are other brands available too and depending on what brand you choose can help determine how much you’ll pay. Give our guys a call to have a chat about the best system for you. We can even help you source one with the best price guarantee!

I’m building a new house. How can I prepare it for summer?

There are plenty of ways you can keep your house cool in summer. If you’re building a new property, we think it’s a great idea to plan for ducted air conditioning. This is an air conditioning system that we can install before your home is built so it’s done with minimal disruption to you and without making any mess in your new home. We’ll happily talk with your builder to arrange a time that suits them to install the unit. Some of these units can be controlled by an app on your phone so you can set your perfect temperature ready for when you walk through your new front door…


Powlec are a bunch of ‘cool guys’, and we offer a range of air conditioners to suit any budget. We can help you make your home comfortable in summer and in winter. Just give us a call today. 

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