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Commercial Electrical Services

We offer commercial electrical services in Perth.

We are the best team to assist your business with its electrical needs. With over 30 years of experience and plenty of client testimonials to prove it. 

Our team of licensed electricians can assist you with:

If you need a trustworthy electrician to undertake work on your commercial property, or if you’re looking for someone to complete electrical work around the office, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

Did you know we can also assist with fire services… including: 

Providing reliable fire blankets

We are one of the most reliable fire blanket providers in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. Fire blankets are an excellent choice for containing fires. They can assist with Class A carbonaceous), B (flammable liquid) and F (cooking fats and oils) fires by depriving the fire of oxygen. 

We supply blankets of all shapes and sizes so you can have one on hand either at home or in your workplace. 

Our fire blankets are top quality but we are passionate about explaining the importance of also having other firefighting equipment and systems on hand to help combat fire properly. 

We can talk you through how to use a fire blanket and we can install it in a convenient location for you, such as near the kitchen or in the workshop where flammable liquids may be spilt.

Installing automatic fire detection and alarm systems

To help keep your business, your staff and your customers safe, we can install trustworthy fire detection and alarm systems in your commercial building. The purpose of a fire detection system is to detect a fire in its early stages, alert people in the building and send a report to the fire brigade. 

To ensure these systems are installed correctly, you need our team of experts to help you. The Powlec team understands how important it is to install these systems in line with the applicable Australian Standards. We have experience installing a range of brands, sizes and complexity of fire detection systems. Call us for a chat about them today.

Installing exit and emergency lighting to meet government regulations

Did you know that in Australia, it’s a legal requirement to install exit and emergency lighting to help people escape your commercial building in the case of a fire?

If you’re establishing a new business, we can help you understand what you need to install. We can also help you keep up to date with government regulations by testing the lighting every six months. At PES Electrical, we are passionate about compliance and safety. We can inspect, test, repair and maintain your exit and emergency lighting for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Call us today to see how we can help you comply with the Australian fire safety standards. We can attend your business and provide an onsite demonstration to show you the range of fire and emergency lighting solutions we have on offer.

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