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EV Charging Services

Do you own an electric vehicle and want an EV charging station installed?

With Australia working towards a sustainable future, electric vehicles are becoming more common on Perth’s roads.

If you’ve recently purchased an electric vehicle and like the idea of having your car charging while you’re at home with your very own personalised charging network then the Powlec team can help you.

Can I set up EV charging at home?

Our team of electricians can assess and provide you with advice on the best EV chargers for you to use at home. We can help you source the best charging cable to suit your electric car and your specific needs. We want to see you making the most out of being an electric vehicle owner and help you achieve the best charging speed possible.

Do you offer commercial solutions?

With plenty of businesses purchasing electric cars, there’s a demand for them to install EV charging stations to help their employees and customers charge their vehicles while they work or attend your business. We offer expert advice on EV chargers for commercial buildings and office blocks and we can assist you in installing the best electric vehicle charging solution for you.

Do you service EV charging stations?

At Powlec, we do more than just supply and install EV chargers. We provide ongoing support to our customers to ensure they get the most out of their chargers. We offer servicing, maintenance and repair services to keep your EV chargers performing at their best. We can also help you diagnose any issues you may have with your EV cable or charging station.

Why choose Powlec?

We have experience providing assessment and knowledge of EV charging stations at homes across Perth. With competitive pricing, knowledge of energy management and a passion for working towards a sustainable future, let us install a charging solution for you.

We can make sure your charger is suitable for your needs, and we can install it along with all the necessary wiring upgrades your home or workplace might need. We can make your transition to driving an electric car seamless.

If you want to know more, give us a call so we can talk you through it.

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