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Reliable Fire Blankets Provider in Perth, Western Australia

Are you looking for a reliable provider of Fire blankets in Perth, Western Australia? Fire blankets are an excellent choice for containing starting fires. They can tackle types of fires such as class A(carbonaceous), B(Flammable liquid), and F(Cooking fats and oils). They work on the basic principle of suffocating the fire by depriving it of oxygen. PES electrical supplies fire blankets of all shapes and sizes in Perth and its surrounding areas.

We are at the forefront of educating the masses about the importance of having fire blankets at home and in the workplace. However, we always advise our clients to incorporate other fire fighting equipment and systems to combat fire properly because fire blankets may be unable to contain a fire that has already spread.

In terms of design, our fire blankets are made of fire-retardant materials such as fiberglass.
You can mount fire blankets on the wall near the location where they’ll lused. For example, fire blankets are required in the kitchen because this area is prone to fire outbreaks.

As a result, you can place a fire blanket near kitchen equipment for fast and efficient use in case of a fire outbreak. The good thing about most fire blankets is that they come with a holder(container), which is printed with useful information and instructions you need to use fire blankets properly.

PES electrical is a renowned provider of fire protection systems in Perth, and it’s surrounding areas. We inspect, test, install, repair, and maintain all types of fire protection systems to keep you safe. In the case of fire blankets, we can help you source the right fire blankets for your based on your fire safety needs. All our fire blankets are properly labeled with instructions for ease of use. Talk to our expert electricians to receive our favorable estimates today.

How to Use Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are great at stopping minor fires at home or office. Our fire safety experts advise that you learn how to use them to fight small fire outbreaks that may occur in your home or workplace. Such equipment is not optional but necessary as no one can guess when there’ll be a fire emergency.

Here are a few tips to follow in case of a fire outbreak in your kitchen.

Benefits of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets can be used to extinguish small fires at home or office. As such, they are essential fire safety equipment that everyone should have, whether at home or in the workplace. Here are some of the main benefits of having our tested and certified fire blankets in your property.

Save lives

Fire blankets are reliable equipment for fighting minor fires at home or office and can save lives if used appropriately. Fire blankets can prevent burns and injuries in case a person catches fires. By wrapping around a fire blanket on the victim’s body, it’s possible to put our fire and prevent severe injuries and burns.PES electrical not only provides quality fire blanket equipment, but we also help educate people on how to use them properly. Our training programs can help people become more prepared to deal with fire emergencies at home or the workplace.

Put out the electrical and indoor fire.

A fire blanket is effective at extinguishing electrical fires. If you’re unable to retrieve your fire extinguisher in time, then throw a fire blanket over the flame to deprive it of oxygen as fast as you can. This action alone can extinguish the fire before it spreads.

Having several fire blankets at home or the workplace is highly advised as you may need more than one sheet to extinguish electrical fire at home or office. Also, it’s important to train other people in your property on how to use fire blankets. PES electrical is ready to listen to your fire safety requirements before recommending the right fire blankets for your case. Contact our certified fire safety engineers today.

Extinguish Kitchen and Grease Fires

Grease fires tend to happen in the kitchen more often. The good thing is that fire blankets are effective at stopping grease fires. As a result, it’s advisable to have fire blankets in your kitchen to prevent any fire outbreak caused by grease. Also, it’s essential to have several fire blankets at home or office. The idea is to cover as many flames as possible in case of a fire outbreak. Our fire safety engineers are ready to advise you on how you can deal with grease fire more effectively using fire blankets. Get in touch with our customer support for a free consultation.

Put Out Outdoor Fires

Fire blankets can also be used to extinguish outdoor fires. However, the type of sheets used in this case ought to be large enough to cover all the flames. Grill, candles, or fire pits may cause outdoor fires, so it’s vital to have extra fire blankets at your disposal. To succeed at stopping a fire, our certified fire safety experts can help you understand the process of extinguishing incipient fires through fire blankets.

Protect Infants and Children

Many children lose their lives each year because of fire emergencies in Australia. As such, people nowadays prefer wrapping their children or infants with fire blankets to protect them in case of a fire outbreak. There are numerous types of fire blankets designed to protect children from fire emergencies. Need to protect your children again, fire emergencies? Talk to our fire safety experts today to learn how your children can be protected using fire blankets.

Things to Remember About Fire Blankets

If the fire is too large, it’s advisable to get out and call the fire brigade services as fire blankets may not be effective. Once you use a fire blanket to put out the fire, don’t touch it with your hands for at least an hour. After use, it’s recommended that you discard it as soon as possible.

PES electrical is trusted in name in the inspection, testing, installation, and repair of fire emergency systems in Perth, Australia. Fire blankets are essential to fire protection at home but may not be sufficient on their own. Our company can help you design a robust fire safety plan to keep your home or commercial space safe. Talk to our fire safety engineers today for a free consultation

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For us, no job is too big or too small. We treat every customer with respect and go above and beyond to deliver specific fire safety requirements.

Plus, all our staff are trained, licensed, and insured to offer quality fire protection services across Perth, and it’s surrounding areas. In short, enjoy the following benefits when you get in contact with us

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